Sturgeon moon Cruise (Supermoon)

Sturgeon moon Cruise (Supermoon)
From DKK DKK650.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: København K
  • Product code: PXP3MZ

Night Adventure tours - Popular legend has it that the full moon brings our emotions to the surface. In fact the word lunatic comes from the belief that full moon phases cause temporary insanity. Of course your HydroBiking full moon tour doesn't need to be high energy, as we often turn down the music and take the time to absorb the ambience of the local environment. On nights  with calm conditions the surface acts as a mirror showing the city lights in double. This is our staff favorite tour, we say ‘you haven't seen Copenhagen till you've been HydroBiking at night.  Of course we will carry our own lamps for both safety and romantic reasons.