Team Connect - Corporate team building

Team Connect - Corporate team building
From DKK DKK650.00
  • Location: København
  • Product code: PNKMZR

Team Connect - is a trust building adventure designed to help work groups evolve into an adaptable and cohesive unit. We encourage those who might not typically be engaged to interact with each other, promoting increased collaboration, thus increasing productivity. 

We personalize events to suit needs and service expectations, providing participants with freedom to explore the water, race one another or choose their own activities. It's easy to communicate with the group or chat to each other - just ‘bike’n talk’.  Exercising together can be rewarding, good for the health and increases team camaraderie.

It's safe and easy to try with many non-swimmers attending and everyone successful. Bikes are very stable and no one falls in. As navigating and handling skills increase, confidence grows and it becomes fun to get around and bump into each other. We create connections,   build intimate bonds and make lasting memories while participating in this unique ecotourism experience. 

Where does the tour start?

Normally the start and end is at our location. However If you are looking to hydrobike in a potential location near you or have other specific needs please contact us so we can help create exactly the experience you and your team desires. 

We can also include stop overs at your favorite bar along the canals, or let the tour end there. 

Contact us by phone or e-mail and let’s design your team connect tour together.